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The Terris Golf® “Training Edition” is a MUST for any golfer at any age when working at the driving range. Hitting many balls in short periods of time puts great repetitive stress on the body. Detrimental shock and vibration are imposed upon the body when the club head impacts the ball in the turf, and especially on artificial surfaces. The Terris Golf® “Training Edition” provides superior shock absorption and vibration dampening to the golfer, allowing the body to better tolerate risks of this repetitious activity.

The Terris Golf® “Training Edition” incorporates a viscoelastic polymer pad made of Akton® placed on the inside palmar surface of the glove. The pad reduces the direct trauma to the hand and reduces the shock transmitted to the rest of the body.

In addition, the Terris Golf® “Training Edition” provides the golfer greater contact between the palm of the hand and the shaft of the club. The pad allows the hand to be more contiguous with the shaft of the club, and the golfer can “feel more” with their hands. This enhances proprioception and maximizes biomechanical efficiency during the complex integrated motions of the golf swing. Having better proprioception will also assist the golfer to resist the common problem of “overgripping”. Price: $39.95 + S/H

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