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The Terris Golf® “Competition Series II” golf glove conforms to USGA rules and is designed to protect the base of the thumb. During the golf swing this complex joint is subjected to detrimental forces potentially causing injury to the cartilage and ligaments. The Terris Golf® “Competition Series II” golf glove greatly reduces the risk of trauma by providing support to this critical area.

The Terris Golf® “Competition II” golf glove also provides comfort for the arthritic and/or unstable carpometacarpal joint.

No pads are used in the construction of the Terris Golf® “Competition Series II”. The design and the location of the additional leather for the thumb area varies from that of traditional glove manufacturing methods.

Using only the finest goat skin leathers and designed with consideration to biomechanics, the Terris Golf® “Competition Series II” is surely the new benchmark in golf glove innovation offering the pinnacle of performance and protection to the golfer at a reasonable price. Price: $29.95 + S/H

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