How Do We Do It?

Recognizing that significant shock and vibration are produced upon impact of the golf club with the ball and the turf, Terris Golf® innovation and cutting edge design focuses on providing the ultimate shock reduction and vibration dampening to the golfer. This is accomplished through the incorporation of Akton® Viscoelastic Polymer.

  • Akton® was designed to reduce pressure, vibration and shock and has full memory. Akton® will not deform except to dissipate impact. Because there is no compromise to the integrity of the polymer, it will remain unaltered in its shape, even during repeated use. Akton® is even used in the firearms industry to significantly reduce the impact of recoil.
  • Terris Golf’s® incorporation of Akton® polymer pads within our golf products reduces the shock suffered by particular structures of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Each design has been developed to address specific injuries seen in the golfer. The placement of pads in the Terris Golf® “Competition Series I”, the “Training Edition” and the placement of additional leathers at the thumb in the “Competition Series II” have been designed in response to the years of testing and feedback collected from some of the worlds best professional golfers and by the injured recreational player.

Repetition is inherent in the game of golf as it is the best way to train and improve. Repetitive stress is experienced on the driving range as well as on the course.

  • Reducing shock and vibration translated from the shaft of the club to the hand upon impact allows the tissues of the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder to better tolerate the repetitious activity.

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