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 “The Terris Golf® ‘Competition Series’ is a must for all golfers that are interested in the long-term protection of many of the structures of the hand that can, and do become affected by playing golf, and should be used by golfers of all ages. The Terris Golf® ‘Training Edition’ is essential for practice use, as it also has the ability to absorb much of the shock experienced by repetitive ball striking at the driving range.”

See what the industry says about “The Golf Glove of Champions”

Designed by Physical Therapist / Certified Hand Therapist, Rita Terris, P.T., C.H.T., Terris Golf® gloves are the world’s finest golf gloves designed to protect the golfer from injury.  Manufactured from only the finest leathers and incorporating Akton® polymer technology, Terris Golf® gloves greatly reduce shock and vibration and improve proprioception (hand to brain / brain to hand communication).

With over 20 PGA Tour wins and a U.S. Senior Open Championship many of the world’s finest tour professionals use Terris Golf®: products for both training and competition, even those whose contracts will not allow them to say so.

All Terris Golf ® “Competition Series” golf gloves conform to the USGA Rules of Golf, and may be used at any level of competition.

All “Training Edition” series golf gloves are considered “exempt” by the USGA and may be used at all levels of competition when experiencing a documented injury.

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