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The Terris Golf® “Competition Series I” golf glove conforms to USGA rules and is designed to provide shock absorption at the end range of lateral wrist motion. The demand for lateral wrist motion during the golf swing is excessive requiring the wrist joint to move through a full range of motion.The ligaments and complex structures of the wrist and thumb that protect the joints are frequently injured by the demands of the golf swing.

The Terris Golf® “Competition Series I” incorporates Akton ® protective pad technology at both the radial and ulnar sides of the wrist, (thumb and small finger sides).The radially positioned pad provides comfort and protection for the thumb as the club weight – bears on the thumb during the back-swing and follow-through phasses of the golf swing. The ulnarly based pad provides protection during contact of the club head with the ball and the turf.

Terris Golf’s® proprietary patents pending “SNAP/TAB WRIST CLOSURE SYSTEM” ™ secures contact of the pads to either side of the wrist joint and the closure pivots with the natural motion of the wrist. This system further enhances the cushioning of, shock absorption for, and proprioception of the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the wrist, thumb and forearm.

Many of the worlds finest professional tour golfers regularly use the Terris Golf® “Competition Series I” glove including our own 2001 United States Senior Open Champion, Bruce Fleisher. Price: $49.95 + S/H

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